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Tiling Tips and Advice

Some of the most beautiful tiled floors today are ones designed and built out of ceramic or porcelain. Aside from the stunning look they leave, they will also last as long as your home will.

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Advantages of porcelain gres as facing of ventilated facades Subscribe Email Print

Facade porcelain gres of Keramin production is a brand-new artificial finishing agent based on natural constituents.

The natural material (clay, sand, feldspar, etc.), called spray-dried powder, grinded up to 100-500 microns, is pressed into separate plates under very high pressure, then dried and fired under high temperatures. Meanwhile the raw materials are sintered and make a monolith. As a result we obtain high-strength though rather heavy nonporous material. The design is formed still during pressing phase owing to the use of colored spray-dried powders. This technology requires the use of a more complicated machinery than the one used for production of floor or wall tiles. During production process the whole tile's body is subject to pigmentation to guarantee invariable design both on the surface and in depth. Because of this porcelain gres can be considered practically eternal: abrasion of superior layer does not lead to design deterioration.

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